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The project described here is used to collect waste water and cool drink bottles in an intelligent way, such that it makes the consumer for disposal and brings awareness about the plastic recycling methods. The system designed here uses embedded technology and acts as a standalone unit. It comprises of a load cell which is used for measuring the weight of the plastic waste a user gives for recycling. A RFID reader reads the user information it acts like smart card, according to the weight of plastic bottle he gives, points will be credited to his account. The points he got will be sent as SMS to his mobile number. With this points he can discounts in shops which he purchase. This system is fully automatic and can be implemented where people deposit many plastic waste, like railway station, bus stands, Cinema Halls, Shopping malls etc., While implementing this system improper plastic waste deposited can be eliminated which is main cause for spreading of viral diseases in India. In future, the system will be extended to collect plastic carry bags, and also instant coin vending can be added.

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R.Thamaraiselvi, D.Jeevitha, J.Indhumathi, R.Chandru, & P.Kumaresan. (2017). Intelligent plastic waste bottle disposal system . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1291–1294. Retrieved from