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In the current education –Industry cooperation, substantive information asymmetry exists between universities and employing companies. Student credit systems and the historical information data chain need urgent establishment and maintenance. We make use of the transparency and non-tampering features of the blockchain system to implement an education-Industry cooperative system based on the blockchain Hyperledger framework. Using the certificate authority service and transactions in the Hyperledger framework, the system simulates the roles of universities and companies it enables universities and enterprises to share information transparently,which achieves information, demands of enterprise recruitment and current market trends. This offers a significant attempt on the application of blockchain technology to Education-industry cooperation as a pilot development for technology deployment. Blockchain is the underlying technology of Bitcoin. It is considered a prospect by industries such as finance, education and healthcare, due to its decentralization and non-tampering features. Delegated Proof-of- Stake (DPoS) algorithm is used to validate the data. We can use the details at anywhere using the webpage and our college website. Our college admin has been posted the record in the college website, students can view the details using the individual username and password. In this webpage we can’t modified any of the records, admin only enter the students details in the college website.

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R.Pavithra, S.Yuvaraaka, S.Jaya Sandhiya, & V.BanuPriya. (2021). Blockchain Based Marksheet Authentication. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 9(2), 108–118. Retrieved from