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The most of the energy consumption of the heating and cooling functions, are widely used in residential and commercial buildings. Therefore, the low power consumption of an air conditioner is essential in order to improve the energy efficiency of the global-energy-time. To improve this, an IOT based smart system that can control the AC to provide a suitable thermally comfortable environment is proposed. Meanwhile, it is able to monitor the real-time power consumption which are delivered to a cloud server. The sensor is used to detect the temperature, and the current mode will automatically be turned on or off. This system can be, on any server anywhere in the room, the smart one in the room, hungry, in which anyone can make use of the AC system, automatic on/off of the system. It can also be used in all areas, including the disabled, hospitals, private offices, conference rooms, classrooms, and transportation, where the manual of the AC control is not possible.

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Ms.Madhupriya N, Mrs.Ajitha M, Ms.Kiruthika S, & Dr.Mohanapriya N. (2021). Iot Based Automatic Air Conditioner Controlling System. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 9(2), 98–102. Retrieved from