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The scope of present study to be focused a brief literature review on the processing route, mechanical and tribological behaviour of Magnesium based MMCs. Magnesium is the lightest material with the density of 1.74 g/cc which has numerous advantages such as high strength. These combined properties of the magnesium make it as a candidate material for replacing conventional hard materials in many applications. But the poor wear resistance of the magnesium hinders its applications in wear environments. Addition of reinforcements will overcome these disadvantages among the various group of reinforcements are attracted the interest due to their enhanced properties. Various MMMC are developed by adding additional reinforcing elements but some of them only we have to be focused, such as Al, Ti, SiC, Gr, WS2, Ni, CNT and cerium etc. Effect of these reinforcing elements on the mechanical and tribological behaviour of the MMMC is discussed in detail. In addition to that the various techniques used to produce these MMMCs and the potential applications are also discussed.

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Purusothaman M, & Sasikumar M. (2017). Processing / properties and applications of Magnesium based metal matrix composites: a review . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1995–2007. Retrieved from