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-This paper presents the study of different mechanical properties such as Hardness, Tensile strength, Impact strength, Flexural strength, Fatigue strength and Corrosion resistance of newly developed Aluminium- based alloys. The addition of Silicon and Copper will improve the property of the Aluminium alloy. The specimens were prepared with the help of Electric furnace using Stir casting method and the tests were conducted at atmospheric condition. The prepared specimen was subjected to special heat treatment T6 process of 5400 at 6 hours followed by quenching then cools the specimen for 3 hours in atmospheric condition. After that the annealing process is followed at a temperature of 1500 at 6 hours. The mechanical properties of Heat treated alloys were improved as compared to the as-cast condition. Also in this kind of alloys may be subjected to use in various applications like Engine bearings, cylinder liner, pistons etc.

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T Ramesh kumar, K L Senthil Kumar, A Anandha Moorthy, & A D Latha. (2017). A study on mechanical behaviours of newly developed aluminium-based alloy . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1991–1994. Retrieved from