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Ever-increasing pollution levels and its impact on the environment, governments are looking for alternate energy options for transportation services. Rapidly depleting global oil reserves and rising oil import bills of governments are also driving the need for alternate energy sources for the transport vehicles. As EVs become more commercial, there will be a need to create an efficient slot booking system as the charging process can be time consuming and the need for more stations will be demanding. Developed the Framework and Architecture of the Next-Generation Communication System based on IoT Slot Prediction and Online EVs Charging Slot Booking at Charging Station. We built the stochastic queuing model for EVs in the charging station. The proposed model of the slot prediction and booking system is designed to create a cost effective and efficient system. Our Cloud based Charging Station Management platform is developed to network and manage multiple charging stations. The proposed IoT and server-based real-time forecast charging infrastructure avoids waiting times and its scheduling management efficiently prevents the EV from halting on road due to battery drain out.

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Karthic Saran M, Santhosh S, Yogeshwaran R, & Murugasami R. (2022). EV IoT an intelligent automation system for electric vehicle charging station. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 10(2), 59–65. Retrieved from