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In the recent times, each and every manufacturing company has upgraded its machines to automated ways to increase the productivity and quality of products. As a development, the lathe machines are replaced by CNC machines, which uses the computer numerical codes to perform the desired operation. In those CNC machines, particularly the machine that performs drilling operation must be upgraded to next level to ensure the safety and increase the product's standard. This project deals with such an aim to upgrade the CNC machine with hydraulic clamping that has been in practice in the renowned industry. The various problems arising in the drilling operations such as part rejection, tool breakage and part holding mechanisms are examined accurately with the proximity sensors, which is connected to a PLC circuit, which helps to make the operation automated. That this project deals with every problems in drilling operation and helps to neglect them and also to ensure the safety of the tool and the labour.

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M Manikandan, A Subash, C Suresh, & S Vignesh. (2017). Implementation of Proximity Sensor in CNC Machine for Mass Production . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1901–1904. Retrieved from