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Our project aim is to achieve the criteria of proper disposal of scrap considering safety of the labors as a main point with Low Cost Automation, In which involvement of worker for the disposal of precarious scraps are highly minimized for their safety and to achieve different techniques like 5S, kaizen etc. is very difficult to dispose these scraps by human workers even though they work with any protective devices like gloves. For example scraps from sheet metal processes, punching operations are very harmful that they could cut workers hand and other part of the body by their sharp edges. Manual operations of these presses give fatigue to operator, since he has to exert physical energy. So there is no manual involvement for the scrap disposal. The press setup mainly uses the hydraulic power system because hydraulic systems can provide large amount of power and very precise movement and the setup also uses the pneumatic system. Any type of scrap can be made into cubes by bailing them using this press setup some limitation like cast iron scrap can’t be able to bill irrespective of any amount large load applied to bail it.

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