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This paper presents the performance and emission contours of a Bio diesel mixture with diesel fuelled compression ignition (CI) engine. The Researches regarding blend of diesel and many bio diesel has been done already with dual mixture, very few works have been done with the combination of five different bio diesel blends with diesel and left lot scope in this area. The present study bring out an experimental of five bio diesel from sesame oil, Neem oil, Groundnut oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil and they are blended with diesel at various mixing ratio. The effect of five bio diesel works in engine and exhaust emission were examined in a single cylinder, direct injection, air cooled and high speed diesel engine at various engine loads with constant engine speed of 1500 rpm. Among the blend 30% of bio diesel mixture shows good performance on par with diesel fuel operation with respect to brake thermal efficiency and heat releases rate at full load. The brake thermal efficiency of blend A was found higher than diesel. The emission of smoke, Hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide of five bio diesel blend were lower than that of diesel and the exhaust gas temperature for five bio diesel blend was lower than diesel.

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.Sundaraeswaran.S.P, Karthik Sankar.D, Jeevanandham.K, Inbarasu.S, & Kavin.B. (2017). Performance, emission and combustion analysis on bio diesel mixture with diesel as an alternative fuel for ci engine . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1881–1891. Retrieved from