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This project is indented to develop a free energy device that works on gravity. A simple mechanism with new mechanical effects represents the source of clean energy. This gravity machine has only two main parts: a massive lever and a pendulum. The interaction of the twostage lever multiplies input energy into output energy convenient for useful work. The effect of creating the free energy is defined in this study as the difference between the energy which is the machine transfers to the user system by the lever and the energy which is input from the environment in order to maintain the oscillation of the pendulum. Appearance of the free energy is not in accordance with the energy conservation law. The effect of creating the free energy results from the difference between the work of the orbital d damping forces of the lever and the work of the radial damping force of the pendulum motion. This effect enables increase of the input energy.

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S.Muruganantham, S.Ganesh kumar, S.Jagatheswaran, P.Karthikeyan, & D.Praveen. (2017). Design and fabrication of gravity inertial device . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1847–1851. Retrieved from