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A Semi automation is defined as the system of work to be performed as the part of manual and part of automation. In most of the manufacturer attempted to automate everything and remove human element with the industries, but people are found on many assembly lines. Because humans are still the programmable, efficient, skills, etc. So, we are using semi automation system on flywheel assembly. A flywheel is used to store rotational energy in engines/machines. The disc type and arm type of flywheels are used in the small sized and larger sized engines/machines, that perform defends on the operations. In our group, has been detailed view on disc type of flywheel and becomes major part used in engines. There is various working process like Geneva mechanism, photo and proximity sensors, rotary actuator, bearings and plc programme etc., that can be performed during flywheel assembly with semi automation system. There is no fully automation, because multiple variations of a product are assembled on same line and requires more amount of flexibility is difficult to achieve on it. As a result, semi automation system is simpler way to assemble flywheel.

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R.Vinoth, G.Murugaprakasam, T.Santhosh, R.Niranjan, M.Gokulakrishnan, & T.Karthikeyan. (2017). Design of cover assembly in flywheel with the aid of semi automation system . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1828–1834. Retrieved from