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A dust collecting hood for use in conjunction with a sand cooling, blending, reclaiming of other rotary drum, within the casting industry, the hood incorporates an upper and lower section, either of unitary or separate construction, the upper section including a discharge opening which cooperates with a vacuum pump to draw air through the hood, and the proximate discharge end of the rotary drum, while the lower section of the hood provides a discharge opening for removal of the mold sand from the drum, the hood, at this collection location, while further incorporating ports through which air may pass for forming the air curtain across the associated hood and drum, for removal of said fines, dust, and other deleterious particles from the ambient air.

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D.Shanmugasundaram, N.C.Saravana Balan, M. Soundarajan, S.Logeshwaran, & R.Nandakumar. (2017). Design of hydraulic braking system to control the rotation of cooling drum . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1825–1827. Retrieved from