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Concrete production has greatly improved in recent decades. Concrete, on the other hand, has a unique purpose. Water cannot flow through ordinary concrete, but it passes through this concrete. The main motivation for making this type of concrete is to use it on the pavement and in open dreams, where rainwater can pass through and continue to raise low water levels. Due to the decline in cement prices, cost savings were a major factor. In this experimental work made of slag powder was added to a mixture of asphalt, coarse aggregate, and water to form concrete. A small amount of slag powder can be used to improve strength.The use of strong concrete as a solution in the case of large water is desirable. The total strength of the finished concrete is determined by conducting a test of the ability of the material to withstand the strength of the slag powder that removes cement by various percentages of 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, and 50%. The results obtained are discussed in the following chapters.

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