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Angular distortion is the one of most challengeable distortion. Various methods are currently being used to control and decreases angular welding distortions because during and after welding is an important aspect of construction and quality. These experimental results have ability to reduce the angular distortion for 8 mm and 10mm thick AH36 steel plate and effectively. In this affects encountered in the use of thin plate ability to decrease distortion within greatest bending occurs. In this application, have been evaluated and its benefits in reducing the rework time have been established. This system models have used as a tool to decide the optimum speeds to decrease the resulting distortion of steel plate after being subjected to the both welding and induction heating processes.

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K.Pradeep Kumar, S.Mahendran, M.Pradeep, N.Shameer Ahamed, & P.Vignesh. (2017). Design of Induction Heating System for Rectification of Angular Welding Distortion . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1788–1793. Retrieved from