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This paper deals with improvements in shaft straighteners .It is particularly for straightening the shafts used in the submersible pumps which become bent in service. It has been found that the shafts of submersible pumps become bent from various causes and however the shafts being bent from end to end. The method used before for correcting this condition usually involved hydraulic press, in that deflection is measured separately by using dial gauge and removed separately by using hydraulic press. Such a method however is objectionable as it is not only slow and laborious but also produces uncertain results. The present method of removing the deflection from a shafts by using experimental set up consists of hydraulic jack, travelling ram with bearings and dial gauge are being placed over the bed with guide rail. This method is most suitable and needs less time for removing the bends in the shafts.

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Balakumaran M, Karthik K, Praveen M, Vengatesh M, & Harish Kumar S. (2017). Design of Shaft Straightener withTravelling ram . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1766–1768. Retrieved from