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The objective of this paper is to store the kinetic energy dissipated in the brakes to accelerate the vehicle. This project is based on prototype model of Regenerative braking system using electromagnetic clutch. The energy output is to be increased that was found in the result of the regenerative braking. While moving the vehicle the work done of the engine efficiency getting reduced, so some amount of propulsion is neeed to pull the vehicle. The energy storage unit must be compact, durable and capable of handling high power levels efficiently. The drive can be nonstop on condition that to dynamo itself to produce current and will be presented on the Ammeter installed in the set up. This set up also consists of an Infrared Sensor which helps to prevent the frequency of accidents increasing due to inefficient braking system and therefore can be considerably avoided using IR sensors. The vehicle instantly stops as any object appears in front of it where IR Sensors are installed.

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Praveenkumar., Arun., Bharanitharan.VY, Jayanthan.P, & Kavin.KS. (2017). Power Generation in Automobiles by using Regenerative Clutch with Dynamo. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1749–1755. Retrieved from