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Abrasive water jet machining is the most popular method in unconventional machining process. In current research in abrasive water jet machining(AWJM) process is focused on milling applications. In our experiments were carried out on Aluminium 8011 for the AWJM process for producing 3D features such as pockets of size 20mm x 10mm an input variables such as Water Jet Pressure(P), Abrasive Flow Rate(AFR), Step over, Traverse Speed(TS),Stand of Distance(SOD) as 2 mm, Orifice diameter as 0.35 mm and abrasive size 80# mesh and obtained output parameters like Material removal rate (MRR), Depth of cut (DOC) and Surface roughness (Ra). The results have known that the fixture angles and water jet pressure is affected the output parameters DOC, MRR and Ra.

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K.Ganesan, N.Sowndher, P.Vignesh, M.Arul, & N.Gokul. (2017). Experimental Investigation of Pocket Milling on Aluminium 8011 using Abrasive Water-Jet Machining. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1742–1744. Retrieved from