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In modern days CNC gas cutting is being employed in many industries and the slag removal process is not fully automatic in industries. There is a process called slag removal is till now done by manually in industries. Also slag removal and handling is not safety for human workers and it affects production and work time. This project is fully based on improving safety, time reduction, cost saving, and to avoid investment blockage can be done by “Design of Automatic slag removal for CNC gas cutting Process”. This slag removing process has long been left to the manual work, but now it can be automated by Roller slat chain drive design mechanism. To efficiently remove the slag continuously by means of Roller chain and for scrapper the design for CNC gas cutting machines through this project idea can be used to all thermal gas cutting slag removal purpose. This operates and removes slag and scrap while you cut, on-demand or with programmed intervals. The investment in this project is an automatic slag removal table is and easily justified because it increases production time reduces labor costs.

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Easwaramoorthi.M, Saravanan.C, Senthil Nathan.R, Siva Shankar.D, & Vivek.G.P. (2017). Design of Automatic Slag Removal Machine for CNC Gas Cutting Process . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1706–1710. Retrieved from