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In this present study,Al-7075,TiC&Ricehuskash(RHA) metalmatrixcomposites(MMCs) were fabricated by stir casting method. Differentweightfractionsofreinforcementwereused to fabricate thecomposites.Theproperties likedensity, hardness,andultimate tensilestrengthwere investigated. The additionof rice husk ash particles reduces thedensityof composite while increasingthe mechanicalproperties. In demand to achieve good compulsory between the matrix and reinforcement particle, 1% of magnesium is added. The hardness of the sample at room temperature was measured by Rockwell hardness test machine. When The volume fraction of TiC and RHA reinforcement increases, the scale of hardness also upsurges. This study summaries that 7075 hybrid composite with high hardness can substitute the conventional material used in automobile components for better performance and longer life. The specimens without any post-weld heat treatment belongingto a different set of parameters tested, exhibited a high joint efficiency (most of them ranging from 90% to98%) with respect to the ultimate tensile strength of the base material Al-7075.

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B.Velliyangiri, S.Muralidharan, M.Ranjith, G.Ranjithkumar, & M.Sheik alavutheen. (2015). SYNTHESIS OF HYBRID COMPOSITE MATERIALUSING Al-7075,TiC&RHA. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 3(1), 192–199. Retrieved from