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Mechanical engineering is not more involved in robotics since Mechatronics and robotics found a vast application in implementing the concept of running a robot model using servo motors and drives, since large amount of energy is required to run the robot model. The other thing is, it requires more power and initial cost is much higher and implementation of the concept is more difficult as compared to that of the other concepts in mechanical. In order to overcome this, here we are designing the six legged walking robot based on kinematic mechanisms without any controllers. Kinematic robot is the application of Kinematics & Robotics with Chain drive system. The walking system of kinematic robot can be controlled using the chain drive system. With simple mechanisms and a small electric motor, the Kinematic robot can be executed.

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M.A. Omprakas, N. Minidurai, Nandhu Narayanan, R Sathish, & Shyam Mohan A.M. (2015). KINEMATIC SIX LEG MOVING ROBOT ON A CHAIN DRIVE MECHANISM BY USING ELECTRIC MOTOR . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 3(1), 200–203. Retrieved from