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Composite materials are widely used for different applications today. Most of the composites are to affect the environment whereas bio-based composites material are bio-degradable. There are lot of physical parameters such as elongation, moisture, and absorptionetc., compared with the other type of composites.This paper deals with preparation and investigationof bio based composites of natural fibres in epoxy resin. Naturalfibres used here are sisal and coir fibres which are mixed with is epoxy. This composite is manufactured using hand lay-up process. Mechanical properties of each composite are determined through tensile, flexural, impact tests.

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M.SHANMUGAM, R.SURESHKUMAR, R.PRASANTHKUMAR, P.SIVA, & S.SANDEEP. (2015). EXPERIMENTAL INVEGTIGATION OF MECHANICAL CHARACTERSTIC ON BIO-BASED COMPOSTICS (SISAL AND COIR FIBRE). International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 3(1), 179–182. Retrieved from