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In this project presents a new non conventional energy source based bidirectional dc/dc converter for transfer the power in both directions. The nonconventional source of solar energy with Maximum Power Point Tracking is used to avoid the demand of electric power, which is inexhaustible and non pollution .The maximum power point traction is the combination of switch mode converter and Controller, which is used for extract the maximum power from the solar panel i.e., combination of boost converter and incremental conductance algorithm. Incremental conductance is one of the important techniques in this system and because of its higher steady-state accuracy .The output voltage of boost converter is stored in battery. A low cost, soft switched, isolated bidirectional dc/dc converter using only four switches was proposed for interconnect between two dc buses. That battery is connected to source side of bidirectional dc/dc converter and load side of bidirectional dc/dc converter is connected to the PMDC motor. Main concept in this project is transfer the power from source side to the load side and vice versa through the same bidirectional dc-dc converter and reverse power is stored in battery when PMDC motor acts as a generator. In the proposed system reduced the number of switch and used zero voltage switch are introduced, which is also used to improve the efficiency of bidirectional dc/dc converter and reduced switching loss, switching stress, easier thermal management. The results of proposed system are validated using MATLAB/Simulink.

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R. Parimala, & A. Venkatesh. (2015). IMPLEMENTATION OF SOLAR BASED BIDIRECTIONAL DC-DC CONVERTER WITH ZVS USING PMDC MOTOR . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 3(3), 318–324. Retrieved from