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In a multihop wireless network (MWN), the packets from a source node are relayed through a large number of intermediate nodes before they are delivered to the destination. But such relaying of other’s packets will consume valuable resources of these intermediate nodes such as their energy and computing power. That being so, some nodes usually referred to as selfish nodes may not cooperate in relaying other’s packets and at the same time they make use of other cooperative nodes to relay their own packets. In such a situation some incentive mechanisms are used to stimulate these selfish nodes to cooperate. For that a protocol is proposed here which not only stimulates the node cooperation and also establishing stable routes. Simulating node cooperation is achieved using incentive credit approach followed by processing the payment receipts to evaluate the node’s packet relay probabilities in terms of trust values and thus stable routes are established through the highly trusted nodes.

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S.Ramnivash, & V.M. Arul. (2015). CREDENCE BASED RELIABLE ROUTING FOR MULTIHOP WIRELESS NETWORKS . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 3(3), 218–224. Retrieved from