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Now a day’s usage of vehicles are going on increasing as fast as environmental impact and Scarcity of fossil fuel, Dependency of imported fossil fuel which increases GDP of country, we know that India stays 12years behind emission standard compare to Euro Emission norms, to overcome the drawback my focus has gone toward an alternative fuel research and development for biodiesel were going on for past (10-15) years much faster, concept arisen by Rudolph Diesel. He used to practice with Edible Vegetable oil (peanut) ,to reduce the scarcity of food products and to produce biodiesel at cheaper price inedible vegetable oil are chosen to improve performance and better emission compare to diesel, Inedible vegetable oil poses some problem when subjected to prolonged usage in compression ignition engine because of their high viscosity and low volatility. The problem are rectified by converting high viscosity oil into its blend (or) ester, Rubber seed oil contains high acid content to reduce acid content two Esterification process are carried out (Acid and Alkaline Esterification) ,It has been Experimentally proved that biodiesel at lower blends B5,B10,B15 increase the Brake Thermal efficiency, By Varying compression ratio(VCR) fuel consumption are reduced ,By Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) NOx emissions are reduced which is most common problem occurs by using biodiesel and other Exhaust gas Emissions are also reduced, The experimental results proved that the use of biodiesel (produced from unrefined rubber seed oil) in compression ignition engines is a viable alternative to diesel without engine modification.

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S.MyilVaganan, & C.Thirunavukkarasu. (2015). DETERMINING PERFORMANCE BY VARYING COMPRESSION RATIO OF DIESEL ENGINE FUELED WITH METHYL ESTER OF RUBBER SEED OIL . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 3(3), 204–217. Retrieved from