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In the process of short distance data collection, there have some problems, such as the duplication of work, the complexity of cable connection, the requirement of real time data processing and the electromagnetic interference and so on, so we design the system of data acquisition based on cortex-M3 and virtual instrument. The system uses Cortex-M3 core ARM processor to accomplish the data acquisition of the closed environment, use the serial port module to implement the data transmission, and use the virtual instrument to handle the received data in the host computer. Finally, the test shows that the system with the transmission rate less than 119200bps can ensure the stable and reliable data transmission. The system can be used widely in the wireless data collection, the wireless handheld meter reading and the industrial real time information collection.

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D.Lakshminarayana, P.Vaishnavi Devi, & B.Venkanna. (2015). DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF WIRELESS DATA AQUISITION AND CONTROLLING SYSTEM USING ARM PROCRSSOR . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 3(3), 134–137. Retrieved from