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This study presents an experimental investigation on surface roughness of a hardened material (brass) machined by using aluminum nitrate coated insert. The process parameters considered for this experimental work are cutting speed (m/min), Feed (mm/rev) and Depth of cut (mm). By varying these parameters, surface roughness is calculated using surface roughness tester. The experimental results are then optimized using Taguchi analysis-L27 array method. The results revealed that surface roughness was greatly influenced by the feed rate rather than the cutting speed and depth of cut for AlN coated insert.

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M. Sengottaiyan, A.B.Prabhurajaa, S.Prakash, V.Rajkumar, & M.Sathish. (2015). INVESTIGATION OF MACHINING ON BRASS ROD WITH ALUMINIUM NITRATE INSERT . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 3(3), 99–103. Retrieved from