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Data privacy in cloud has become a more complicated task with the increasing number of cloud users. Privacy can be attained in cloud through many ways but they come with the sacrifice of accessibility or performance. Encryption may be said to one of the most significant process to maintain data privacy. The main problem with the encryption and various methods that uses encryption to provide data privacy is that they are time consuming. Several encryptions provide a high level privacy with cost of time. In current circumstances performance is as important as security. This paper focuses on this to provide a high level privacy along with the performance. In this paper a new method of carrying out this encryption process is focused. According to this paper a single encryption can not be as efficient as a proper combination of some algorithms. Clustering of data is also carried out to increase the efficiency and privacy of confidential data. Several algorithms like Modified Blowfish, AES and RSA are used in this methodology. The main objective focused is to provide a user based encryption which gives a fair range of Security and Speed.

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Sathish kumar.A, Sathyapriya.G, Vasanthkumar.U, & Kavitha.M. (2015). USER BASED ENCRYPTOR TO PROVIDE HIGH DATA PRIVACY IN CLOUD . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 3(2), 93–95. Retrieved from