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Cloud computing provides an cost-effective and competent solution for sharing group resource among cloud consumers. Inappropriately, data sharing in a multi-owner manner while preserving data and identity privacy from an untrusted cloud is still a perplexing issue, due to the recurrent change of the participation. In this paper, we propose a secure multi owner data sharing scheme, named Mona, for dynamic groups in the cloud. With help of generating a unique secrete keys, it provides more security. Our ultimate aim is to provide more confidential access among the dynamic users. Meanwhile, the storage overhead and encryption computation cost are independent with the number of repealed users.

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R.Gowthami, S.Hemambika, N.Jayaprakash, & B.Santhosh Kumar. (2015). SECURING MULTI OWNER DATA SHARING THROUGH SECRET KEY GENERATION FOR DYNAMIC GROUPS IN THE CLOUD . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 3(2), 85–87. Retrieved from