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In geographic routing, nodes need to maintain up-to-date positions of their immediate neighbors for making effective forwarding decisions. Periodic broadcasting of beacon packets is a popular method used by most geographic routing protocols to maintain neighbor positions. But it will increase the update cost and reduce the performance of the router. To eliminate this problem we propose this Mobile Location Update (MLU),MLU works on two principles ,1.Nodes whose movements are harder to predict, update their positions more frequently (and vice versa).2.Nodes which are static and closer to the forwarded path, update their positions more frequently (and vice versa).

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N.VAITHEEKA, R.INDUPOORNIMA, C.B.SIVAPARTHIPAN, & M.BALAANAND. (2015). GEOGRAPHIC ROUTING FOR MOBILE LOCATION UPDATE USING MANET . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 3(2), 49–54. Retrieved from