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The wireless sensor network (WSN) has been an active research area for past few years but there is some limitations in energy and storage, it seems there is a need in a routing protocol for WSN. The energy and storage balance based on Adaptive Load Balancing Algorithm and Rainbow protocol for WSN is proposed in this paper. The Adaptive Load Balanced algorithm is define by the cross layer protocol and their main ingredients are geographic routing, load balancing and contention based relay selection. The Rainbow protocol has a mechanism with in and around the dead ends. The Adaptive load balancing algorithm and Rainbow protocol are collectively called as ALBA-R, the integration of those protocols are used for the balancing of energy and storage. 

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B.Harish, M.Bhuvaneshwaran, S.Sathishkumar, & S.Karthik. (2015). ENERGY PROFICIENT METHOD BASED ON ADAPTIVE LOAD BALANCING ALGORITHM FOR WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 3(2), 29–32. Retrieved from