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This Paper was created to control and monitor movable parts on the conveyor belt by an ARDUINO BOARD. In this work system separate metallic and non-metallic objects. A PNP NO 3-WIRE Proximity Inductive Sensor and proximity capacitive sensor are used to detect object and metallic nature respectively the counter used to counts non-metallic and metallic objects and display the value, whenever a metallic object is detected Stepper Motor pushes it out of the conveyor belt and allows non-metallic objects to reach till the end of conveyor. An arduino board and arduino software are used in this system for performance project. This logic can handle a series of metallic and non-metallic objects. To control the speed of the conveyor ROBODO TB6600 STEPPER MOTOR DRIVER controller is used. Arduino software codings is used to create Arduino logic. During movement this application can be used in pharmaceutical, electronic industries or any industry which deal with metals/plastic.

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P. Saravanan, Gowtham.J.L, Sounder.S, Suriya.K, & Praveen Prabu.J. (2019). Design and fabrication of an metal splitting conveyor using Arduino . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(1), 224–228. Retrieved from