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As in modern alive world, wellness monitoring is the leading issue. By reason of insufficiency of proper health monitoring, patient be affected from critical health issues. In the current days, to monitor the patient’s health, we have a lot of IOT devices. Health specialists are also taking favor of these clever devices to keep an eye on their patient’s. With tons of new technological start-up, IOT is very quickly improving the healthcare industry. IOT is a latest technological i.e., widely accepted concept that can join together the things from different fields by way of internet. For the IoT connected healthcare applications, the wireless body area network (WBAN) is gaining popularity as wearable devices spring into the market. Our project proposes a wearable device with solar energy harvesting and smart phone based transmission that enables the implementation of WBAN in the developed IOT. To monitor the patient’s heartbeat and the temperature, as having more than one sensor that can be used on different parts of body. If any abnormal condition is happened for the patient, the smart phone send the data to doctor about patient’s situation and doctor can see the data of the patient and then give treatment for the patient. To increase the lifetime of the wearable device, a flexible solar energy harvester with an output based MPPT technique is used. Using this project, we can prevent ourselves and take preliminary steps. In this project we use the PIC microcontroller for the hardware part and use the CCS compiler as softwar

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.S.T.Sadishkumar, M.K.Naveen, M.K.Nivetha, C.V.Pooja, & , M.Santhiya. (2019). Wellness monitoring system using fly back converter . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(1), 1455–1463. Retrieved from