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In this paper, we present PACK (Predictive ACKs), a novel start to finish traffic excess disposal (TRE) framework, intended for distributed computing clients. Cloud-based TRE needs to apply a sensible utilization of cloud assets so the transfer speed cost Decrement joined with the extra expense of TRE calculation and capacity would be improved. PACK's primary leeway is its ability of offloading the cloud-server TRE exertion to endclients, in this manner limiting the preparing costs incited by the TRE calculation. In contrast to past arrangements, PACK does not require the server to persistently keep up customers' status. This makes PACK truly reasonable for inescapable calculation conditions that consolidate customer versatility and server movement to keep up cloud flexibility. PACK depends on a novel TRE method, which enables the customer to utilize recently gotten lumps to distinguish recently gotten piece chains, which thus can be utilized as solid indicators to future transmitted lumps.

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C.Mani, & K. Siragirivelavan. (2019). Pack: prediction-based cloud bandwidth and cost decrement system . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(1), 777–788. Retrieved from