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Now-a-days, Health and safety measures play a vital role in an organization. Employees Health is the well-being for an organisation. It is not about physical well-being, but also includes both the mental and emotional well-being. In an organisation, management should take responsibility for their employees so, it is essential to take part in health and safety training practices in order to minimise the number of accidents that may arise at workplace due to stress, inadequate safety equipment’s etc. For the purpose of analysis, a sample of 163 respondents was chosen to study the effectiveness and satisfaction levels of an employee’s towards health and safety measures.Descriptive research design technique was adopted. Forcollection of data, a well-structured questionnaire was prepared for the respondents. Percentage method, chi-square test is used for data analysis and interpretations.

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N. Devaraj, & S. Karthik. (2021). A study on effectiveness of health and safety measures towards employees with special reference to Ahill apparel export private limited. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(2), 153–157. Retrieved from