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Construction Projects are the only that's related to the mixture of diverse activities, which calls for a contribution from diverse parties. Hence there's a extra possibility of the prevalence of delays with inside the production. This delays in of entirety of production initiatives may be a chief hassle for contractor companies main to steeply-priced disputes and detrimental relationships among mission participants. so, via way of means of this record to give an explanation for the different factors main to put off this is the reasons of put off and their affects on unique production initiatives. Because each mission is specific in its perspective, even though each mission has its character reasons for the put off and the respective affects like time overrun and fee overrun. The purpose of this paper is to become aware of the reasons of put off elements on India production initiatives and analysing these elements with the relative critical index (RII) and Analytical Network Process (ANP). For this purpose, 70 unique delays elements had been diagnosed and labeled into 7 important companies thru designated literature overview and the assist of case study. A questionnaire survey became performed focused on 60 we obtained forty five respondents. Based in this reaction the relative significance and rating of those put off elements had been analyzed via way of means of RII and ANP. According to those outcomes the elements and companies contributing the maximum to delays and their affects had been mentioned and a few suggestions had been made to decrease and manage delays in production initiatives.

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