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As an engineer, we should be responsible for designing and constructing a structure to minimise structural damage and its components during the earthquake. The most sensitive questions that each engineer faces are the choice of the correct technique for assessing the structure's seismic performance. Thus, here we introduce the 'dynamic analysis' approach, one of the effective seismic efficiency assessment processes. The dynamic analysis can be done by using the software Staad Pro. The multistorey building with ground floor + 3 floor in zone v and zone 2 is analysed manually. After that the same buildings are analysed using the Staad pro and a comparison is done in between.

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Silpa Jayadevan, & Ms Asha Ma. (2021). Dynamic Analysis Of Multistoried Building Using Staad Pro. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 9(3), 44–49. Retrieved from