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Time and money are the two most significant elements in the building industry. Time and cost are mostly determined by the efficient use of available resources, good management, and adequate planning at the appropriate time and location. Construction firms have encountered several issues in the past, including data overloading, cost overruns, prolonged durations, and resource overallocation, all of which were caused by poor resource management. So, for a better performance in the construction field proper project management is required. Project management will properly schedule the activities and allocate the resources to these activities at the right time and right place. The scheduling and optimization of resources are done by resource levelling. This project aims at the resource optimization of a residential building using primavera.

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Varada P, Gokul Deepan, & Dr. Sunilaa George. (2021). Resource Optimization Of A Residential Building Using Primavera. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 9(3), 35–43. Retrieved from