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Cloud computing, recently, to provide individuals and companies with access to remote computing and storage infrastructure, is an important technology that has emerged. High availability to realize high-performance cloud services, data storage is dependent on data replication. However, providing a copy brings consistency problems. For data meets the increased requirements of a distributed application, because it is replicated to multiple geographically distributed data centers, many cloud data store so that such data-intensive operations can be performed with low latency to, and it has adopted a final consistency. This is the cost of obsolescence of data. We are and large-scale data group for efficient cloud processing and proposes a Data Consistency as a service (DCAAS) model consisting of a plurality of small audit cloud services. Third-Party Audit (TPA) techniques, using the mechanism of concealment methods to ensure a professional verification of the decryption algorithm, have been proposed. Therefore, a group of users to form TPA audit clouds will verify whether the data cloud provides a level of consistency of commitment. The proposed, role-based access control of TPA audit architecture needs to synchronize the clock in the audit the cloud, and it is recommended that use.

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