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This project presents the application of the process of core making in foundry. This process is used to mix the silica sand and two types of oils like resin and binder. The foundry sand mixer is very ruggedly const ructed from heavy steel sections, with a fixer mixer blades and base frame. This system makes the proper mixing will brings the quality of composition. The composition makes the sand cores by machines with the aid of automation. This system brings reduces time , oil and composition wastages then the previous working method

.but previous working method works in the process of grinder shape mixing that will mix sand and oil manually. If you do these things you will make some mistakes so that we are using auto mation process. The continuous motion is produced highly effective mixing. The main objective of automation is to eliminate human power and increase the production rate and profit of industries.

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N. Senniangiri, G. Gokul, P. Gokul, M. Ragu, & N. Sanjithkumar. (2021). Automated Core Sand Preparation in Balanced Manner System. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 2575–2582. Retrieved from