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Since the number of cars has grown so much over the years, many car owners are having trouble finding a suitable parking spot when they go out in public. The proposed solution created a smart parking spot with parking lots in public areas for customers searching for parking spots online. The Hub MUC is applied to control the equipment utilized in this recommended framework, like IR sensors, engines, and LCDs, as well as the Hub MCU. In other nations, the majority of public parking spaces feature parking alert system-based payment options. You will be informed if a space is filled incorrectly. The entire area finds a parking lot space that is free and much less expensive so that the vehicle can be parked correctly, saving time and making it easier to pay parking fees. Six infrared sensors are included in the supplied system to identify and avoid potential parking-related obstacles. The Web of Things (IoT) is an organization of interconnected figuring gadgets, the organization of actual gadgets, items, and individuals with remarkable identifiers and the capacity to move information without expecting human-to-human or human-to-PC communication. By using this method, people will be able to cut down on the amount of time spent looking for a parking spot and the stress of driving.


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