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The lifestyle of people has been changed in the recent years due to growing advances made in technology, especially the mobile phones. So many software applications have been introduced for various benefits. The medical field makes use of the opportunity and provide medical guidelines by assisting the health care professionals, medical students, patients and other people. The reviewing of mobile apps in pharmacy profession brings about the importance of using them anywhere and at anytime. It covers the topic of how the apps help in assisting the health care professionals in preparing prescriptions, making use of the medical calculators and observation of lab reports. It also shows how it helps in providing information about drug-drug interaction, adverse drug reactions, detecting substandard and counterfeit medicines and how useful for visually impaired people.

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R. Swetha, R. Krishnaveni, & S. Akilandeswari. (2023). Review of mobile apps assists in pharmacy profession . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 11(3), 1–5. Retrieved from