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In this paper, the Design of Embedded system for the Automation of Drip irrigation is presented. Drip irrigation was named in Israel in 1959. The green house based modern agriculture industries are the recent requirement in every part of agriculture in India. In this technology, the humidity and temperature of plants are precisely monitored and controlled. Water is very precious to all the humans and as well as to the plants, trees. The major amount of fresh water is utilized by the agricultural industry for irrigation. By using drip irrigation the water will be maintained at the constant level i.e the water will reach the roots by going drop by drop. This is very important because this can only ensure the survival of the plants. Water can be applied at a single point on the land surface through devices called emitters or as a line source from either closely spaced emitters or tubes with continuous or equally spaced openings that discharge water a drop at a time. If the field is irrigated heavily with water, there are chances that the plant may die because of excessive irrigation. The water could also wash them away during irrigation if very strong force of water is released at the same time. On the other hand, if there is insufficient water, then also there are chances that the plants may die due to lack of water. So, it is very important for the farmer to maintain the content on the field. In this paper the design of a Microcontroller based drip irrigation mechanism is proposed, which is a real time feedback control system for monitoring and controlling all the activities of drip irrigation system more efficiently. Irrigation system controls valves by using automated controller to turn ON & OFF. This allows the farmer to apply the right amount of water at the right time, regardless of the availability of the labor to turn valves or motor ON & OFF. This reduces runoff over watering saturated soils avoid irrigating at the wrong time of the day. It improves crop performances and help in time saving in all the aspects.

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M.Prabu, T.Jayakumar, D.Nallasivam, D.Mohan Raj, & K.Vignesh. (2017). Design and implementation of purifying waste water and plant Irrigation system by using solar panel with GSM. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1111–1116. Retrieved from