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This paper focuses on speed,flux and vibration sensor fault detection and control) for induction motor (IM) drives. A new, accurate and highefficiency approach is proposed so that a system can continue operating with good performance even in the presence of speed sensor faults, current sensor faults or both. The proposed three paralleled adaptive observers are capable of coil flux sensor fault detection and localization. By using observers, the rotor flux and rotor speed can be estimated which allows the system to isolation under the fault condition. In order to detect vibration sensor faults, a threshold-based scheme is proposed. To verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed FDI strategy, experiments are carried out under different conditions based on a embedded IOT platform. We can
monitor these parameter through IOT from anywhere

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Sathyasree.k, Aravind.R, Gobinath.P.K.P, Gunasekaran.T, & Jawahar.L. (2017). Fault detection and production of induction motorusing smart controller . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1252–1560. Retrieved from