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The problem of traffic congestion increases rapidly, due to the growing number of vehicles and the limited resources in our country. There is a high need for the introduction of new technology to improve the traffic control. In present scenario traffic control system uses timer for each phase and sensors to detect vehicles, and produce signals. In the previous study they don’t consider about the heavy vehicle and the ambulance like vehicles in the traffic and that is must to clear the signal the vehicle is waiting. And to alert the traffic police to clear the situation in the traffic is to be considering in the proposed system. The frequent traffic jams at major junctions call for an efficient traffic management system in place. The resulting wastage of time and increase in pollution levels can be eliminated on a city-wide scale by these systems. The paper proposes to implement an intelligent traffic controller using real time image processing. The image sequences from a camera are analyzed using various edge detection and object counting methods to obtain the most efficient technique. Subsequently, the number of vehicles at the intersection is evaluated and traffic is efficiently managed. The paper also proposes to implement a real-time emergency vehicle detection system. In case an emergency vehicle is detected, the lane is given priority over all the others.

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C. Navamani, & M. Dhatchana Moorthy. (2017). Implementation of image processing in vehicle notification system and traffic management . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1503–1506. Retrieved from