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Cloud storage provides a convenient, massive, and scalable storage at low cost, but data privacy is a major concern that prevents users from storing files on the cloud trustingly. One way of enhancing privacy from data owner point of view is to encrypt the files before outsourcing them onto the cloud and decrypt the files after downloading them. However, data encryption is a heavy overhead for the mobile devices, and data retrieval process incurs a complicated communication between the data user and cloud. Normally with limited bandwidth capacity and limited battery life, these issues introduce heavy overhead to computing and communication as well as a higher power consumption for mobile device users, which makes the encrypted search over mobile cloud very challenging .In this work, we propose BKCM (Binary Keyword Co-ordinate Matching), a bandwidth and energy efficient encrypted search architecture over mobile cloud. The proposed architecture offloads the computation from mobile devices to the cloud, and we further optimize the communication between the mobile clients and the cloud. It is demonstrated that the data privacy does not degrade when the performance enhancement methods are applied. Our experiments show that BKCM reduces the computation time by 23% to 46% and save the energy consumption by 35% to 55% per file retrieval, meanwhile the network traffics during the file retrievals are also significantly reduced.

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S.Rajeshwari, K.Sharmila, S.Thilothini, & Mr.R.T.Dineshkumar, M. Tech.,. (2021). Enabling privacy-preserving shortest distance queries on encrypted data in cloud. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 9(2), 127–137. Retrieved from