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Secure distributed Deduplication is a technique for removing duplicate copies of data with more reliability, extensively used in cloud storage to maintain the storage space as free and upload bandwidth. Here is only one copy for each file stored in cloud even if such a file is owned by more number of users. Progress storage utilization is takes place in deduplication system while reducing reliability. Privacy for sensitive data also takes place when they are outsourced by users to cloud. Planning to address the above security test, this paper constructs the first effort to celebrate the idea of scattered reliable deduplication system. This paper recommends a new distributed deduplication systems with upper dependability in which the data chunks are distributed from corner to cornering multiple cloud servers. Safety of the data is done by a secret sharing.

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N.Zahira Jahan, & R.Saraswathi. (2017). Secure distributed deduplication systems with improved reliability . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1309–1312. Retrieved from