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-In this modern world, people are running behind two things, one is of nanotechnology and another is of automation. The reason is to move ease of our work and to improve the efficiency of the working by limiting (or) decreasing size. Here in this paper, we are about to develop a system which will govern the task of filling water into bottle being supplied to it. This operation is controlled by PLC, monitored by SCADA. In our traditional method, only one bottle can fill at a time. In this paper, our system is programmed by ladder programming. In this process, the proximity sensor is used to detect the position of the bottle that move along the belt conveyor. The reference signal is the input signal that has been sending from the sensor to the PLC. The output will be as per the user requirement. As it is a programmable controller the input is the program, therefore it reduces complexity and troubles when compared to mechanical working (conventional mechanism) advantages is high accuracy, deduction (or)reduction in wastage of products (water, cool drinks).It has a various application such as beverage industry, mineral water filling.To make automated bottle filling machine to achieve both accuracy and speed in the filling, is a requirement of the time.

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V.N.Loganathan, P.V.Kavin Kumar, B.Kumaravel, B.Ponraj, & C.Sathish Kumar. (2017). Recital of automatic bottle filling system in food and preparation of beverages college/industry using plc and scada. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1986–1990. Retrieved from