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Solar dryer is machines and use solar energy to dry things, especially food. There are two common types of solar dryers: Direct & Indirect. This is a type of drying in which the product to be dried absorbs direct sunlight. Also called natural convection cabinet dryer, because the sun's rays fall directly on the surface; product quality is declining. The hot air from the locker room is blown away. The basic function of the sun dryer is to heat the air with solar energy at a constant temperature, which causes moisture to evaporate from the plants inside the drying room. The main purpose of the flat plate is the air-drying model based on circular & square air flow in Solid Works software & computational fluid dynamics in Ansys software. In general, solar drying heat loss is possible, so it is reduced with the help of inserts (polystyrene and fiberglass). Predicting differences in air flow temperature variations with differential components. In addition, select a section on the best cross-section of tube and insulation material.

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