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Aluminium Metal matrix composites are gaining wide spread popularity in several technological fields and are finding extensive commercial applications in several sectors such as aerospace, space, automotive and structural applications. The development of aluminium metal matrix composites with discontinuous reinforcement represents a well-established method for improving the strength and stiffness of a material. Al 6061 alloy based composite is age-harden able and can be strengthened through heat treatment. The present work is aimed at investigating the wear behavior of heat treated Al 6061 hybrid metal matrix composites. Tungsten carbide (WC) and graphite particles have been used as the reinforcements. Composites have been fabricated by stir casting method. The quenched samples are then subjected to artificial ageing for durations of 2 hr at a temperature of 440K. Wear studies were performed using a pin-on-disc apparatus. Investigations show that heat treatment had a profound influence on the wear behavior of both the matrix alloy and its composites.

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G.Gunalan, S.Mohit, S.Dhatchinamoorthy, G.Karthik, & N.Vinoth. (2017). Wear testing on heat treated al6061 with reinforcements . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1928–1933. Retrieved from