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The natural fibers as used reinforcement in polymeric composites for technical applications have been a research subject of scientists during the last decade. In this paper discussed with sisal and sansevieria cylindrical andsisal fiber composite materials .They are used different type of natural fiber are taken from plant, animal, and mineral sours such as , jute, KENAF, hemp, ramie, seial, coconut, and cotton. This fiber are mixed with the reinforcement natural composite materials are epoxy-resin and epoxy-hardener material. The find out the experimental investigations and mechanical properties of the natural fiber .The synthetic fibers replace with natural fiber in automotive and industrial applications. To find the various strength of tensile, compression and hardness and also compared with jute and hop fiber.

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Y.Dinesh, Govindaraj.M, Nithiyanandan.R, Prakash.E, & Suresh.T. (2017). Mechanical behaviour of natural fibers composites from Sansevieria cylindrica and sisal fibers . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1911–1914. Retrieved from